Bio for Jocelyn Ireson-Paine

Jocelyn used to teach Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University. He has also worked with the Institute for Fiscal Studies on Web-based economic models. These include Virtual Economy, in which the user acts as Chancellor, adjusting taxes and benefits to see how the economy will react. Other Web-based models include the biz/ed Virtual Learning Arcade, the Mefisto model of the Belgian economy, and the DARTS model of the Russian economy, written for the UN. For several years, Jocelyn also helped to implement the BBC's Budget Day economic calculators Be Your Own Chancellor and Budget Ready Reckoner. Other consultancy has included advising on Artificial Intelligence and drug design for Pfizer, and analysing fibromyalgia drug-trial data for the Oxford Pain Research Unit.

One of Jocelyn's research interests is category theory, for which he has implemented a Web-based teaching program. Category theory, as applied to modelling systems of interacting parts by Professor Joseph Goguen, also helped inspire another of Jocelyn's research interests, namely spreadsheet safety and modularity. He is a member of the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group.

Jocelyn draws cartoons, many of which he has published in a blog written for the online computer magazine Dr. Dobbs. He has had several exhibitions in Oxford, will be exhibiting at the 2014 Oxford Artweeks in May, and has been featured in the Oxford Mail. The Oxford Mail have also written about a book of dialogues that he published. He collected these while working in Oxford's much-loved Excelsior Café, after which he has named his spreadsheet-safety software.

14 January 2014