Parkinsonian Selection

“Still having a hard time with that monster?” Jean asked.
“You know. The bureaucracy.”
He nodded, smiling — then, remembering, said “Yeah. Always the same story, day in, day out.”
Jean snorted. “I’m still not convinced that thing even exists, you know. I checked the library for a slightly less wonky definition, but now I think you and the library are both screwed in the head.”
He winced at the epithet; it was certainly nothing he’d ever taught her. “How so?”
“Oh, right, Stav. Like natural selection would ever produce a hive-based entity whose sole function is to sit with its thumb up its collective butt being inefficient. Tell me another one.”
Peter Watts and Derryl Murphy, in their short story Mayfly.

The story is available on-line at the above link.

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