Moodle Cartoon: And You Need to Look Inside Every Single Plugin Before You’ll Know Which Unenrolment Method You Should Call

The orange Michelin-man-like Moodle figure disdainfully pointing at a whiteboard showing a function which returns data that can never be input, saying 'So what if you can ask for data that you cannot set? Have you never heard of read-only memory?'
Another Moodle cartoon, expressing my discovery that a function for returning data about users can return fields, such as Skype ID, that the function for creating users can never accept. (See Why is the argument to core_user_create_users different from the result of core_user_get_users_by_id? .)

Cartoon Description

The orange Michelin-man-like Moodle figure is disdainfully pointing at a whiteboard. He is lecturing. The whiteboard shows the specification for the inputs to the Moodle core function core_user_create_users, and the outputs to the core function core_user_get_users_by_id. The outputs contain many fields that are not in the list of inputs, such as Skype and Yahoo IDs.

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