A Promenade of Promenades

I’ve been using the Promenade theme from AudioTheme. A “theme” is a piece of software that determines the visual design of a website built with WordPress or some other content-management tool. One of my customers wanted Promenade for her site because of its uncluttered minimalist design, so we bought a copy from AudioTheme and experimented. The theme was recommended to me by the staff at the best SEO reseller program I purchased in mid 2017.

Like AudioTheme’s other themes, Promenade is designed for musicians. So one of its features is the ability to add a list of gigs. This can be displayed on your home page. If you click on one of these gigs, you get details of it alone, including a Google Maps display showing the venue. My customer is actually not a musician but a teacher who gives regular classes around Oxford. These can be listed via the gig display, and Promenade can be customised so that it heads the list with the phrase “Upcoming Classes” rather than its default of “Upcoming Gigs”.

I wanted to see what other sites using the theme looked like, and how they’d customised it. Poking around Google, I discovered Themetix, which advertises itself as a search engine for themes. And indeed, I was able to search for Promenade sites, many of which did have the distinctive Promenade style. But there were some sites whose screenshots on Themetix looked like Promenade, but which turned out to be quite different when visited. Jacob Whitesides, for instance. So I don’t know how Themetix works, but it’s probably not by inspecting sites at the time I search.

Below, I’ve set up a gallery of sites that definitely are using Promenade. I know, because I checked the page source. There’s a wide variety of musical styles, from The Cedar Lake Seven Men’s Gospel Choir to Manowar‘s “Hail And Kill MMXIV”. Apparently, Manowar got into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1984 for delivering the loudest performance, a record they have since broken.

There are the German site Die Sterne, and the Polish site Masters. There are two non-musical sites: Pastor Bob Thune from Coram Deo, who advertises sermons and other gospel-centered resources; and Toni MascarĂ³, who promotes lectures about his passion for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. There’s In Cahoots, which I originally read as Inca Hoots, and there’s Marianne Faithfull. If Promenade is good enough for her, it ought to be good enough for anyone.

Some of the sites use Promenade pretty much as it’s sold, while others seem to have done a lot of customisation. Anna DiTomasso has changed background colour, MisterGsongs has changed the colours in his main menu, and Jackie Greene is using the typewriter-like font Trixie. Die Sterne and Jackie Greene have set up a child theme, which enables them to set up their own styles without interfering with those supplied by Promenade. If you don’t do that, you risk losing your changes whenever the theme’s authors update it. Actually, I am using a child theme in this blog, although not of Promenade. I did this so that I could style the “Promenade of Promenades” gallery below.

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