An Example Community-Transport Site

In July 2016, Oxfordshire County Council ended bus subsidies to 118 Oxfordshire bus routes. It’s why Oxfordshire Neighbourhoods Partnership, who I wrote about in the posts starting at “How to Use Web Pages as Outlining Tools”, was so interested in helping neighbourhoods set up community transport. If you’re over 60, these cuts are a double whammy. You get a pass that gives you free travel on scheduled services, i.e. the routes run by Stagecoach and Oxford Bus Company and others. But it doesn’t pay for services such as weekly-shopping-trip minibuses run by volunteers. And if you now have to use one of those instead, that service is probably having to fund itself by charging its users. So you’ve not only lost a free service, but ended up paying for a less convenient one. That’s why I wanted to help these community-transport setups get big donations from local businesses, so that their users would not have to pay. And part of that was building a website that carried the right kind of publicity.

In those posts, I explained how I made an outliner that demonstrated the page hierarchy and content that I thought a successful community-transport site should have. My final post, “How to Use Web Pages as Outlining Tools V”, shows my outline, with particular emphasis on content that would encourage such a site’s readers to volunteer and donate.

I based that outline on the sites listed in “How to Use Web Pages as Outlining Tools III”. Highlights include stories about fundraising appeals, and about what it’s like to be a volunteer or passenger. The excerpts from these that I copied were (of course) in HTML, and so was my outline, so pasting one into the other just worked.

But having done that, it was easy to go one stage further. Take a look at . This is an example community-transport site which I made simply by pasting those excerpts into WordPress pages. The site has the same structure as my outline, with the two levels of main menu being the outline tree. If a web-development company were building a new site, this would be a useful thing to show them as a starting point.

By the way, the image on the front page is from CWW Community Transport. This is a charity set up to run community transport in Cutteslowe, Wolvercote and Wytham, and the ancestor to Oxfordshire Neighbourhoods Partnership. If CWW is one particular community-transport service, Oxfordshire Neighbourhoods Partnership exists to help other neighbourhoods set up the same kind of service. Both CWW and ONP are always looking for donations. If you can help, please phone or email the number or email address on CWW Community Transport’s “Who We Are And What we Do” page.

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