Which Symbol Should I Use for Assignment?

Perhaps I should add to my post about FreeFormatter. I noted that manual conversion of R code for inclusion in web pages is a pain because of the assignment symbol, <-. But I feel I should say that assignment can also be written as =, though this sometimes clashes with = for named function arguments. Kun Ren gives an example in “Difference between assignment operators in R”. John Mount in “Prefer = for assignment in R” prefers =, saying that if you’re accustomed to typing <-, you might type it by mistake in named function arguments too, causing a bug. But David Smith in “Use = or <- for assignment?” argues for <-. And Bob Rudis in “A Step to the Right in R Assignments” argues for yet another permitted symbol, ->, because it fits better with the Tidyverse’s “pipes” notation, wherein functions are composed from left to right. In engineering, there is never one right answer.

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