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Cartoon of programmer sadly staring at his diagram of messy over-complicated data structure. Above his head is a thought bubble containing a code comment: 'Data Structure Too Embarrassing To Explain'.

This cartoon ends a piece I wrote called I C BB 2 E, in which I was ringing variations on the acronym "P2C2E", for "Process Too Complicated To Explain". To quote from Salman Rushdie's novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories:

'Not so fast,' said Haroun, whose head was spinning, not only at the discovery that there really were Water Genies, that the Great Story Sea wasn't only a story, but also at the revelation that Rashid has quit, given up, buttoned his lip. 'I don't believe you,' he said to the Genie Iff. 'How did he send the message? I've been right with him almost all the time'.
'He sent it by the usual means,' Iff shrugged. 'A P2C2E.'
'And what is that?'
'Obvious,' said the Water Genie with a wicked grin. 'It's a Process Too Complicated To Explain.' Then he saw how upset Haroun was, and added: 'In this case, it involves Thought Beams. We tune in and listen to his thoughts. It's an advanced technology.'

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