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I've collected these cartoons into a Word file which I printed for Oxford's annual Caption comics convention. Unlike the images in this blog, which are low-resolution for the Web, those in the Word file are high-resolution. Elements such as the book titles I've drawn in some cartoons, only a few pixels high in the blog images, appear clearly. (And when are we going to get computers whose screens really are as good as paper?) Print the Word file on A4, and double-sided to make a booklet.

Last year's collection is still up: it has fewer cartoons, though there are some not in this collection, but more of my essays.

Robotics lecturer in practical class looking uncertainly at an Aibo walking smugly away from pool of ...?...

Aibo was Sony's robot dog, which they stopped making in 2006. Although Sony intended it as a toy, many universities used it for teaching computer-science students how to program robots.