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Language Gap

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The Great Hypno stands on stage intoning 'You shall forget 
EVERYTHING. Behind him is a poster which ends 'Performances twice daily. 
For the client with a REALLY strict non-disclosure agreement.'.

This was inspired by a recent customer's non-disclosure agreement. In case you don't know the phrase, this is a short legal document which requires me not to divulge the customer's trade secrets, such as how their programs work.

Trevor Marshall and Greg Burke at JACK fm Oxfordshire. Greg is picking weather symbols at random from a 'lucky dip' bin and shoving them onto a map of Oxfordshire. Trevor, mobile at ear, shouts: It's the Met. Office, Greg! You've won the GOLDEN RAINCLOUD award for the most imaginative weather forecast.'

I drew this today after they read out my email about their forecasts and suggested I draw a cartoon of Greg forecasting.

Getting Tough

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(slim, good-looking, respectable) talking to other prisoner (low forehead, 
unshaven, slobby, cauliflower ear): 'They got tough on ignoring the 
deprecation warnings'

The people who design programming languages constantly release improved versions. Sometimes, the improvements add a new feature. If this is safer, more efficient, or otherwise better than an older feature, the designer may call the latter "deprecated", and make the system warn you if you use it.

Travel agency in Rome, with posters for: balmy Basingstoke; scenic Slough (showing Brunel Bus Station); Blackbird Leys, 'twinned with Kosovo' (showing baseball-capped and hoodied yob making V-sign); fly-drive Botley; and Wolvercote, 'better than the Archers' (showing village idiot saying 'Aarr', village idiot saying 'Ooaar', and cow saying 'Moo').

I drew this for my friend Lesley, from Wolvercote.