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Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) whacking Cameron Collie (founder of
Groggle, renamed to Drinkle after legal action by Google) with a sign
saying DON'T BE EVIL

Cameron Collie is the founder of a Web site for finding cheap alcohol. He called it Groggle, but Google made him change the name, and it's now called Drinkle. I don't find that so amusing. See Google Gags Groggle, reported by Ben Grubb in the November 9th 2010 issue of the Brisbane Times.

Eggsamining Mereology

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Robot in the Common-Sense Research Project writing a letter. Researcher asks: 'Who's it to?'. 'Myself.' 'What does it say?' 'I don't know yet. I won't get it until tomorrow.'

One of the topics that Artificial Intelligence researchers study is how to give computers common sense. When you ignore some common-sense fact about the world -- such as that if you've written a letter, you must have read it -- the results are often funny. Indeed, it's how a lot of jokes work.