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Filter: removes all strings not matching a pattern

To generate a copy of the component for your spreadsheet, fill in the fields below and press Submit. As well as the pattern, input range, and output range, you must specify a working range of the same size as the input range. This will be used to hold a table of intermediate results.

If you want to insert the component into a Google Spreadsheet, fill in the fields in the final row. Otherwise, please leave them blank.

Then press Submit. You will get back a status message. If no errors were detected in your form, this will link to your version of the component as an "ETF file". Download it to your PC. You can then copy it to Excel as described in our page How to copy your component into Excel.

A form ready filled in (apart from the bottom row) can be got here.

Pattern to match
Input Sheet First input cell (top left) Final input cell (bottom right)
Output Sheet First output cell (top left) Final output cell (bottom right)
Working Sheet First working cell (top left) Final working cell (bottom right)
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