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SF plot generator

Reloading this page will randomly generate the plot of a simple science-fiction story. (There is an Excel/Excelsior version of this generator at www.j-paine.org/excelsior/repository/spin/index.html; and you can also try the Traveller game at www.j-paine.org/cgi-bin/traveller.php.)

Planet 9 of Alpha-Centauri is struck by a comet and is visited by evil aliens who save everyone and give the secret of Life, the Universe, and Everything so everyone gets very bored and tries to forget this by drinking .

The program is one I've used in teaching Prolog. Its content is based on "The Science Fiction Horror Movie Pocket Computer" by Gahan Wilson, from "The Year's Best Science Fiction No. 5", edited by Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss, Sphere, London, 1972. The source is here; it's running under SWI-Prolog and PHP. If you want to know how to call SWI-Prolog from PHP, you can see my script here.

31st October 2008