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Automatically generated diary of today

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<day 1>
E:state=normal causes B:out=lay_off
B:out=lay_off -> MS:in=lay_off
MS:in=lay_off entails MS:job=unemp
focus [in]
  suggest S:mood=gentle (intro_mood)
  suggest a/in/econ_setting/ (intro_setting)
  focus [in,econ_setting]
  suggest i/emot/ (emote)
  MS:in=lay_off causes MS:emot=annoyance
  focus [in,econ_setting,emot]

Mr Bruce called me into his office this morning. "I'm afraid we 
must let you go", he said. [in]

What had I done? Had a customer reported that batch of Victoria cream sponges
that I'd accidentally filled with mayonnaise in place of whipped cream? 
Or had I misspelt "anniversary" again when icing the celebration cakes? 
His words simultaneously reassured and surprised me. 
"It's not your work - that's been more than satisfactory", he said.
"But there's been a temporary downturn. They might
tell you it can't happen, but even with the economy in as good a state
as it is, jobs are fluid these days." [econ_setting] 

Bummer! [emot]

<day 2>
MS:job=unemp causes MS:money=low
MS:money=low causes MS:goal=get_money
MS:goal=get_money causes MS:goal=get_job
MS:goal=get_job causes MS:plan=[visit_dss]
MS:plan=[visit_dss] causes MS:intended_act=visit_dss
MS:intended_act=visit_dss causes MS:act=visit_dss
MS:act=visit_dss causes E:out=dss_queue_dole(med)
E:out=dss_queue_dole(med) -> MS:in=dss_queue_dole(med)
focus [act,in]

To the dole office. Grey dreary building. Inside, 
people staring
up at wall-mounted TV screens, waiting in slow-moving queues,
talking to officials through the protective windows. [act]

My turn arrives. My dole will take about two weeks to come through, it appears. [in]

<day 3>
  suggest i/emot/ (emote)
  MS:money=low causes MS:emot=annoyance(money_low)
  focus [emot]

On the dole, you literally run out of money.
I have had frustrating conversations about this. 
Friends will shrug their shoulders and say it's a nuisance when
you have no money. "I don't mean no money until I get
to the bank", I explain, "I mean NO MONEY. 
No money to buy a round, see a movie, or hire a video". In
such a situation, embarrassment comes to dominate
one's life. Friends will offer to sub your drinks,  
buy a curry, pay for you at the cinema. I've a mixed bag of
friends from school: builders, teachers, solicitors,  
even a mate who works in the city, and who when he gets
bored, consoles himself by splashing out 400 quid on the
latest digital camera or hand-held digital novelty. But even when
he offers to pay, you feel like hiding. You start
avoiding all social contact. It becomes all too easy to lose touch. [emot]

<day 4>
  suggest MS:in=job_offer (resolve_tension_and_close)
  focus [in]
  MS:in=job_offer causes MS:emot=relief(job_offer)
  focus [in,emot]

I have been offered a job! [in]

It will be such a relief to have some money once more! [emot]


30 March 2003.

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