Semantics of Line Drawings
Jocelyn Ireson-Paine
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Caricature through character of line

"At Fig. 1 you see the man as he is; at Fig. 2 the ordinary type of caricature as still seen in most papers — a style which I think has reached its zenith. But Fig. 3 shows a slight but distinct development. The change is that although the actual features are still present, they are of less importance than the feeling of the whole. Drooping stolidity is the feeling behind the strong, sweeping lines and solid base. Notice, especially, the strong centre line upon which the design is built. It is not in the sketch of Fig. 1 nor in the caricature of Fig. 2. If you could look on this Fig. 3 only as a design, with no idea of a human being, would it convey a feeling similar to the personality of the man? It should do so."

From L. A. Doust, A Manual on Caricature and Cartoon Drawing, 1936.