Semantics of Line Drawings
Jocelyn Ireson-Paine
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The same textures can vary greatly in style

We recognise that "Phiz"'s drawing below shows rocks, even though they are much more lightly shaded than in the drawing a few slides ago of coal.

"This sketch of rocks is drawn in the letter a little larger size than here reproduced. The accumulation of heavy masses of rocks is drawn with a boldness and accuracy which has few parallels in similar or even in more carefully executed work. In it there is no fuss; it is only a simple illustration from a father to a son of something which has struck the artist. He describes the rocks as looking like books that have been tumbled out, and did not resist the temptation to give his recollections of them, his hasty pen having, in a few lines, rendered his idea of the forms which had impressed him."

From David Croal Thomson, Life and Labours of Hablôt Knight Browne "Phiz", 1884 (limited edition, 110 of 200). Drawn by "Phiz".