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First presented at CALECO
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MM's foundations: System Limit Programming

MM is based on a new programming paradigm named System Limit Programming which was inspired by Goguen's work on the sheaf semantics of objects [Goguen 1992]. SLP is based on mathematical foundations that are rigorous and extremely general, and that can be used to reason about any system of interacting objects. The mathematics enable us to give precise meanings for the object-oriented concepts of inheritance and containment of an object in a system, once we have decided informally what these should be. It also helps us formulate these informal ideas in the first place: note how simple and yet how powerful MM's use of inheritance is. System Limit Programming has also been used to develop the Web authoring tool Web-O-Matic [Ireson-Paine 1995,Paine 1996].

Jocelyn Ireson-Paine
Sat Nov 28 17:42:14 GMT 1998