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Model Master Demonstration

This is a live demonstration of the Model Master (MM) object-oriented spreadsheet front-end. It

The demonstration uses a spreadsheet applet written by Sun Microsystems. We have interfaced MM to Lotus 1-2-3 97, but that can't be run over the Web in a portable way, whereas Sun's applet can.

If your browser can't run Java applets, you won't be able to run the demo. Also, if you are outside the UK, or have a slow link, you may find the applet takes a long time to load. In that case, you can view some screen shots of the applet, from an MM presentation.

I would be interested to have your criticisms on that and on the demo. I'd also like to have suggestions for joint research projects, if anyone experienced in spreadsheet modelling is interested in taking part in collaborative grants or software development.

How to run the applet

With the applet, you will first see a grey "applet area" appear at the bottom of this page. Once all the applet class files have loaded (which may take some time if you have a slow link), then the grey area will be overwritten with a spreadsheet. A separate window will also pop-up, containing a simple text editor.

The text editor will contain an MM program. You can load the program into the spreadsheet by selecting the Compile option on the Compile menu. MM will compile it, and then pop-up a window saying Reloaded spreadsheet with some more text saying which columns the attributes have been allocated.

Click on the OK button, and the spreadsheet will then run the new program. You can enter new data directly into the spreadsheet, but only into the black (value) cells, not the red (formula) ones. You will need to hit return before the new data becomes visible and is acted upon. You may find that the spreadsheet fields do not respond properly to delete. This is not a problem with MM, but with Sun's spreadsheet applet.

There are some other programs you can load. Do so by going to the File menu, then Select file, then compiling as before. Two of these were inspired by examples from Richard Knights' modelling examples at Devon Curriculum Services.

29th November 1998

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