What Other Community-Transport Sites are Doing, Especially about Volunteers and Funding

I looked to see what other groups are doing, and summarised their websites into the list below. As well as a guide to attracting volunteers and donations to the CWW site, it might be useful as a guide for paper-based publicity. And ONP could offer to other transport groups setting up their own sites. The sites I copied from are:
  Bungay Area Community Transport
  Speke and Garston Community Transport
  York Wheels
  Wellow Community Minibus
  Merton Community Transport (MCT)

What I love about these is their sense of community. The language is informal and chatty. Fundraising events are described in a way that makes everyone feel they can take part: Christmas Fairs, the 100's club, book sales, Easy Giving and online shopping, the Minibus Money-Box Appeal. There are lots and lots of photos of buses and drivers and customers, making the groups seem really active. The sites put the customer into the picture, in both senses of the phrase. The Bungay Area site has a list of donors. That kind of thankyou is really important. Also on the Bungay site, volunteers and passengers have given their own little snippets, and some are very touching: look at Mrs P's. And some of the sites explain in detail the benefits of volunteering, including MiDAS training.

I've coded the list as an outline so that you can get an overview quickly. All the list items contain more information: click on each of the blue links to reveal it, and click again to hide it.