Contents of the NCL examples

General-purpose utility libraries, including sets, trees, graphs, lists, updateable arrays,

The Edinburgh DEC-10 library

Written at the AI Applications Institute, Edinburgh University.

Cugini's utilities

Written by John Cugini, National Bureau of Standards.

Utilities from Sicstus Prolog

List-handling predicates

Written by J.G. Forero, Reading University.

Bounded-length version of the list-length predicate, for Sicstus Prolog

Written by Donald Smith, Brandeis University.

Predicates for handling 2-3-trees

Written by Mark Johnson.

Graph-handling routines

Written by Paul Freedman.

Sets-as-intervals predicates

Written by Jocelyn Paine.

See also ...

The utilities used in implementing the Logic Programming Tutor.

Graphics and I/O

Turtle graphics

Written by Salleh Mustaffa, University of Manchester.

Cursor-addressing predicates

Written by Jocelyn Paine.

See also ...

The screen-editor, syntax-directed pretty-printer, tokeniser, line-input predicates in the Logic Programming Tutor.
For token-level I/O, see also the section on parsers, tokenisers, etc.

Parsers and tokenisers, grammar-translators, logic-grammar extensions to Prolog

Abstract syntax notation translator

Written by C.D. Farris and P. Singleton, University of Keele

Definite clause translation grammars

Written by Harvey Abramson and Veronica Dahl.

DCG translator

Written by Jocelyn Paine.

Government-binding parser ("Gibberish")

Written by Cameron Shelley, University of Waterloo.

See also ...

The parser in Linger.
The parser and tokeniser and syntax-directed output predicates in the Logic Programming Tutor.
The parsing examples in Zdravko Markov's NCL system.
XGPROC.PL (and possibly other files) in the DEC-10 library.

Object-oriented extensions to Prolog

Object-oriented package (POEM

Written by Ben Staveley-Taylor.

Functional-programming extensions to Prolog

Grips - a functional language in Prolog

Written by Jocelyn Paine.

Extensions to Prolog syntax: macros, etc

See DISTFIX.PL in the DEC-10 library.

Structures in Prolog

Written by Jean G. Vaucher, De'partement d' informatique et R.O., Universite' de Montre'al.

Augmented Transition net (ATN) interpreter

Written by Jocelyn Paine.

See also ...

Zdravko Markov's NCL system.

Expert systems and shells

Expert system for forestry management

Written by Steve Jones, Reading University.

Expert system shell

Written by Steven Salvini, Heriot-Watt University.

Theorem proving

Plaisted's theorem prover

Written by David A. Plaisted.

Meta-interpreters for Prolog

See also ...

The meta-interpreters in the Logic Programming Tutor, in the DEC-10 library (ANDOR.PL), and in Shapiro's debugger.

Other types of reasoning - other logics, semantic nets, intelligent backtracking, constraint propagation, connectionist, etc

See also ...

Spreading-activation and other examples in Zdravko Markov's NCL system. ARC3.PL in the DEC-10 library.

Machine learning

Simulation of multi-agent tutoring

Written by Thomas Hoppe, Technical University of Berlin and Yiu Cheung Ho, King's College London.

See also ...

Zdravko Markov's NCL system.
Winston's arch program in the DEC-10 library.

Compilers, language translators, databases

Demonstration mini-compiler (in Grips)

Written by Jocelyn Paine.

Prolog-to-SQL translator

Written by Christoph Draxler, Munich University.

Game-playing programs

Program for playing the Mastermind code-breaking game

Written by Herbert Koenig and Thomas Hoppe, Technical University of Berlin.

Noughts-and-crosses program

Written by David Green, Edinburgh University.

Benchmarks and compatibility tests

Naive-reverse benchmark

Written by Norbert Fuchs.

Peirera's benchmarks

Written by Fernando Pereira.

Operator tests

Written by Chris Moss, Dept. of Computing, Imperial College.

Program analysis and manipulation

Predicate auto-tester

Written by Jocelyn Paine.

"make" tool for building large systems (PROM)

Written by Thilo Kielmann, Darmstadt University.

Shapiro's debugger

Written by E. Y. Shapiro.

Static call analyser

Written by John Cugini, National Bureau of Standards.

Teaching Prolog

Notes and examples introducing Prolog to mathematicians

Written by Jocelyn Paine.

Source from Jocelyn's book "The Logic Programming Tutor"

Written by Jocelyn Paine.

See also ...

The demonstration mini-compiler.

Miscellaneous applications

Programming consultant, Eliza-style

Written by Edouard Lagache, Berkeley.

Doubly-linked list package

Written by Philip Dart, Melbourne University.

AI microworlds for teaching and AI competition (uses Pop-11)

Written by Jocelyn Paine. Updated versions are also available, with tutorial notes, exercises, and production-system agents.

Various demonstration programs

Written by Expert Systems Ltd, Oxford.

Linger: a tool for grammar analysis of western European languages

Written by Paul O'Brien and Masoud Yazdani, Exeter University.

File separator

Written by Jocelyn Paine.
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