That's one meaning of ``integrated'': incorporating all the themes that are commonly deemed part of AI. A second meaning is to be able to carry out a wide variety of different types of task. A third meaning is to do all of the first or second using a single underlying mechanism. Soar would appear to encompass all three meanings.

It's worth noting that other people, both from the classical and nouvelle AI sides, are beginning to realise that AI should try building integrated systems. For another example of one, see the simulated submarine described by Vere in A Basic Agent, AI photocopy V15, and once dubbed ``the most complete artificial intelligence built to date''. It's also described in a recent AI article, Silicon Babies in Scientific American, December 1991. Unlike Soar, this only satisfies the first two meanings: it doesn't have a single underlying mechanism.

Jocelyn Ireson-Paine
Wed Feb 14 23:45:33 GMT 1996