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Notes for students

Copies of my tutorials, lecture notes and practical handouts, plus some information on where to find out about AI, are available from here. They come in two forms, PostScript and HTML. If you want to read them on-line, go for the HTML copies. These are just normal Web pages.

If you want to print them, you will need access to a PostScript printer. Most college computer rooms have one, as does the Department (these notes were written for students of the Experimental Psychology Department). The easy way to print is to browse the HTML copies, and use your browser's ``Print'' option to print each page.

Though easy, this can become tedious because of the large number of separate pages you'll need to print. So an alternative is to print the PostScript version, which is all in one piece. To do this from the Department, assuming you're using one of the Power Macs, click on the name of the PostScript file. Your browser will probably ask you where you want it copied to, and you'll have to select a disk and folder to which you're allowed access. Having downloaded it, there's a Mac application, MacLPR, for printing PostScript files. Start it up, select Open from the File menu to load in the PostScript file, and it will then print this to one of the laser printers in the Computer Room. I believe students have a quota of 100 free laser-printer pages before they have to start paying for paper. If you have problems, check with Pete Ward - room C135 or so - since the setup may have changed since I wrote this.

To do this from College, proceed in a similar way, though you'll probably have to find a different way of printing. Ask your computer rep if you have problems.

If you have an account on Sable, you can download and laser-print from those, provided you have some laser-printer quota. Students will probably not have, unless they've paid for the paper themselves.

Where to find out about AI

These give general information on libraries, bookshops, the AI Society, and so on.
HTML PostScript

Tutorial notes

These cover the two tutorials I do as a general introduction to AI and the notion of representation.
HTML PostScript

Old tutorial notes

These are left over from a previous version of the course, before the Department started squeezing it.
Evans Analogy Program and representation HTML PostScript
Search HTML PostScript
The General Problem Solver HTML PostScript
Production systems and expert systems HTML PostScript
Planning HTML PostScript
Emotions and motivation HTML PostScript

Lecture notes

Lecture 1 - Introduction: HTML PostScript
Lecture 2 - Memory representations and Schank: HTML PostScript
Lecture 3 - Expert systems: HTML PostScript
Lecture 4 - Production systems and cognitive modelling: HTML PostScript
Lecture 5 - SOAR, a unified theory of cognition: HTML PostScript
Lecture 6 - Computation and computers: HTML PostScript
Lecture 7 - The limits to computation: HTML PostScript
Lecture 8 - Criticisms of AI: HTML PostScript

Lectures 5, 7, and 8 are still rather rough, and I may update them.

Practical handouts (Eden)

A classical-AI agent that obeys simple commands: HTML PostScript
A reactive agent based on production systems: HTML PostScript
Using short-term memory in production systems: HTML PostScript
The Eden microworld: HTML PostScript
Who am I talking to? Operating systems and the computer: HTML PostScript

These are for an old version of the course. I am developing new software to replace them - see .

Practical handouts (Prolog)

Lesson 1: Plain text
Lesson 2: Plain text
Lesson 4: Plain text
Lesson 5: Plain text
Lesson 6: Plain text
Lesson 7: Plain text
Lesson 8: Plain text
Supplement 1: HTML PostScript
Supplement 2: HTML PostScript
Supplement 4: HTML PostScript
Supplement 5: HTML PostScript
Supplement 6: HTML PostScript
Supplement 7: HTML PostScript
Supplement 8: HTML PostScript

These are modified versions of some of my old Logic Programming Tutor notes, made to work with Poplog Prolog.

11th November 2000

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