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Main references

The rest of these notes give suggestions for your reading. Try to read everything in this section. Whether you follow up the others will depend on your interest in AI. I've tried to give enough readings for you to explore in a number of directions, and I've tried to indicate how important each is for the purpose of passing exams (if you're really interested in the subject, this should not be your sole criterion). Please read the first paragraph of each section at least.

I've already cited Marr's stuff for the preamble. Here are references to Evans, and to related topics. You definitely do need the stuff in Winston and Boden for the essay; you ought to look at the Scientific American article to put the work in context; and you must look at the introduction to, and section 5.3.3 of, Evans' original writeup. Try to look at the other sections I recommend in his article, if not now, then later.

Jocelyn Paine
Tue Jun 3 11:33:37 BST 1997