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Further reading --- game trees

I omitted this from the readings above. If you're interested, look at the following sections of the OU book:

Game playing
Look-ahead tree.
Games and minimaxing.
The horizon effect.
Strategic programs.
Comparison with humans. De Groot, Chase and Simon, Eisenstadt and Kareev (the latter is the reference on representations in Go and Go-Moku I mentioned last time).

There's a nice half-page explanation of minimaxing in Chess playing programs and the problem of complexity by A Newell, J C Shaw and H A Simon, in Computers and Thought edited by E A Feigenbaum and J Feldman: RSL; Psychology: KH:F.

For a discussion of the limitations of minimaxing, look at the article by Berliner in Thinking --- Readings in Cognitive Science, edited by P.N.Johnson-Laird and P.C.Wason (CUP, 1977).

Jocelyn Paine
Tue Jun 3 11:15:49 BST 1997