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A Machine that Learns
A Machine that Learns, W Grey Walter, from Scientific American, volume 185, number 2, August 1951. In the RSL; also as PSY AI photocopy W89.

AI and Natural Man
AI and Natural Man, Margaret Boden, Harvester 1977, PSY KD:B 063.

AI: The Tumultuous...
AI: the tumultuous history of the search for artificial intelligence, Daniel Crevier, Basic Books 1993, PSY KH:C 068.

An Imitation of Life
An Imitation of Life, W Grey Walter, from Scientific American, volume 182, number 5, May 1950. In the RSL; also as PSY AI photocopy W90.

An emerging paradigm in robot behaviour
An emerging paradigm in robot behaviour, C A Malcolm, Tim Smithers, and John Hallam. DAI research paper 447, 1989. PSY AI photocopy M149.

Artificial Intelligence: Pratt
Artificial Intelligence, Ian Pratt, 1994 ???. PSY ??? just bought.

Artificial Intelligence: Winston
Artificial Intelligence (2nd edition), P H Winston, 1984, Addison-Wesley. PSY KH:W 72; RSL Comp Bd 18.

Artificial Life
Artificial Life, S Levy, Penguin 1992., PSY KH:L 057.

Brains, Machines and Mathematics
Brains, Machines and Mathematics (2nd edition), Michael Arbib, Springer-Verlag 1987. RSL Comp Bd 98; Chapter 1 copied as AI box photocopy A52.

Chess skill in man and machine
chess skill in man and machine (2nd edition), P W Frey (ed), Springer-Verlag 1984. PSY KH:F 089.

Cognitive Wheels
Cognitive Wheels, Daniel Dennett, from The Robot's Dilemma, Pylyshyn (ed), Ablex 1987. PSY AI photocopy D74. Also appears in C Hookaway, Minds, Machines and Evolution, CUP 1984.

Computational Theories...
Computational theories for research in vision and cognition, John Hallam, Edinburgh University 1987. PSY AI photocopy H157.

Computer Models of Mind
Computer Models of Mind, Margaret Boden, CUP 1988. PSY KD:B 063.

Computers and Thought 1963
Computers and Thought, E Feigenbaum and J Feldman (eds), McGraw-Hill 1963. PSY KH:F 032.

Computers and Thought 1989
Computers and Thought, M Sharples, D Hogg, C Hutchison, S Torrance, and D Young, MIT 1989. PSY KH:S531; RSL M92.E00068; Hooke.

Computing Machinery and Intell
Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Alan Turing, from [Computers and Thought 1963].

Elements of a Theory...
Elements of a Theory of Human Problem-solving Allen Newell and H A Simon, from Psychological Reviews, volume 65, pp 151-166, 1958. PSY journal.

Emperor's New Mind
The Emperor's New Mind, Roger Penrose, OUP 1989. PSY KH:P 38.

Expert systems in microelectronic age
Expert systems in the micro-electronic age, Donald Michie (ed), EUP 1980, PSY KH:M 58.

Foundations of AI
The Foundations of AI, Partridge and Wilks (eds), CUP 1990. PSY KH:P 025.

Guide to Expert Systems
The Guide to Expert Systems, Alex Goodall, Learned Information 1985. RSL Comp BD 36; PSY KH:G 061.

Handbook of AI
Handbook of AI, Barr and Feigenbaum (eds), Kaufmann 1981, PSY KH:B 27.

Intelligence as adaptive behaviour
Intelligence as adaptive behaviour, R D Beer, Academic Press 1990., PSY KH:B 039.

Intelligence without Representation
Intelligence without Representation, R A Brookes, from Artificial Intelligence, volume 47, 1991, pp 139-159. PSY; RSL.

Learning and Problem Solving
Learning and Problem Solving part 3, Open University Course D303, Block 4, Units 26-28, Open University 1978. PSY oversize AA:O 2-O M.

Learning shape descriptions
Learning Shape Descriptions, J H Connell and Mike Brady, PSY AI photocopy C117.

Machines which learn
Machines which learn, A M Andrew, from New Scientist, volume 4, 27 November 1958. In the RSL; also as PSY AI photocopy A53. This copy is imperfect, since the volume was too thick to open properly near the spine.

Machines who Think
Machines who Think, Pamela McCorduck, Freeman 1979. PSY KH:M 13.

Mechn of Thought Processes
Mechanization of Thought Processes, HMSO 1959. PSY AI KC:N 21, volume 1..

Mechn of Thought Processes: Report
Mechanization of Thought Processes: Report, from Nature, volume 188, 24 January 1959. In the RSL; also as PSY AI photocopy D78. This copy is slightly imperfect.

Mind over Machine
Mind over Machine, Dreyfus and Dreyfus, Blackwell 1986. PSY KH:D 81.

Mind's I
The Mind's I, D Hofstadter and D Dennett (eds), Harvester 1981. PSY AA:H 067; Hooke.

Minds, Brains and Programs
Minds, Brains and Programs, John Searle, from Behavioural and Brain Science, volume 3, 1980. PSY journals. This paper also appears in [Mind's I]. That version doesn't contain the responses by Searle's critics you'll find here, but it does have a nice commentary by Hofstadter and Dennett which is worth reading.

POETIC: A system...
POETIC: A system for gathering and disseminating traffic information, R Gaizauskas, R Evans, L J Cahill, J Richardson, J Walker, from Conf. Preprints Int. Conf. AI Applics. in Transportation Engineering, S G Ritchie and C Hendrikson (eds), June 1992, California. PSY AI photocopy G87.

Programs with Common Sense
Programs with Common Sense, John McCarthy, From [Mechn of Thought Processes], pp 77-91.

Psychology of Vision
Psychology of Vision, C Longuet-Higgins and S Sutherland (eds), Royal Society 1980, PSY oversize BC:R 81. This paper is reprinted from Phil Trans Royal Society London, volume B 290, pages 199-218.

Readings in Planning
Readings in Planning, J Allen, J Hendler, A Tate (eds), Morgan Kaufmann 1990. PSY KH:A 427.

Semantic Information Processing
Semantic Information Processing, Marvin Minsky (ed), MIT 1968. PSY BK:M 66.

The Logic Theory Machine
Empirical Explorations with The Logic Theory Machine: A Case Study in Heuristics, Allen Newell, J C Shaw, and H A Simon, from [Computers and Thought 1963].

The Mechanic's Mate
The Mechanic's Mate Mike Brady and P Agre, from ECAI 84, T O'Shea (ed), Elsevier 1984. PSY AI photocopy B157.

Trends and Discoveries
Trends and Discoveries, from New Scientist, volume 4, 27 November 1958. In the RSL; also as PSY AI photocopy N27. This copy is slightly imperfect.

Unified Theories of Human Cognition
Unified Theories of Human Cognition, Allen Newell, Harvard 1990. PSY BH:N 044.

Vision, David Marr, Freeman 1982. PSY CH:M 34; Hooke.

You can't play 20 questions...
You can't play 20 questions with nature and win, Allen Newell, from Visual Information Processing, W Chase (ed), Academic Press 1973. PSY BC:C 39.

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