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The objects in a page are not merely conceptual entities, but, as implied in Section 3, correspond to objects (instances, strictly speaking) that live on the server. Each of these objects has an emit method that knows how to display itself as HTML; composite objects such as forms and hiders also display their contents, by sending an emit message to each item in turn.

The WOM compiler compiles each page into code in the OS/2 object-oriented language Object Rexx (Section 5.6), generating code that creates a new instance of each object in the page. Thus the page shown in the factorials example (Section 3.2) would compile into:

Actually, there will also be some instances of class Region, responsible for outputting the HTML and plain text in the page.

Jocelyn Ireson-Paine
Sat Oct 12 23:35:52 BST 1996