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Translating Rexx code inserts

A code insert such as

<OnSubmit rexx>
{ $output~setValue( $input~getValue ) }
presents two problems. One is that we want to avoid building a complete Rexx parser in order to tell where the code ends, so we take the lazy way out of enclosing the code in {} brackets and scanning up to a closing }.

The other is that the author must be given a convenient way to refer to WOM instances from inside the code, as in $input and $output above. The convention for such paths was described earlier, in Section 2.19. To translate these, the compiler scans up to the first character that can't be part of a path (usually ~), converts the path to a string, and then constructs a call to the built-in method findLocalInstanceFromPath with this as argument. This is called from the variable localnamebase, which the run-time system ensures always contains the right starting point for path lookups.

Jocelyn Ireson-Paine
Fri May 30 14:03:06 BST 1997