Semantics of Line Drawings
Jocelyn Ireson-Paine
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Caricature through character of line (2)

"Fig. 4 is another design-caricature. Please remember that it is not enough just to make a pattern or design. It must be in harmony in line and (or) tone with the character. This is, I think, patently obvious in Fig. 5. Surely a pun is not out of place when I say that here is a blockhead made of blocks. No imaginative sweeps nor complicated whirls as in Fig. 4, just plain solid chunks; and the whole, also a plain stolid design — heavy, with a sphinx-like stillness resulting perchance from extreme emptiness instead of, as in the Sphinx, extreme understanding."

From L. A. Doust, A Manual on Caricature and Cartoon Drawing, 1936.