Semantics of Line Drawings
Jocelyn Ireson-Paine
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Caricature through character of line (3)

"Fig. D is a sketch of Napoleon — a conqueror, an adventurer, a man of deep feelings, finished thoughts, and notable deeds. [...] Fig. F needs (at least I hope so) no label; it is recognisable as the character intended, yet is psychological enough to drive people past the features into the spirit of the man. It is a blending of design and feature, both bent to bring out the personality. Note especially the sombre effect of heavy cravat and the strength of mechanical base lines. Also observe how intense the eyes are, due to their geometrical working — their impression is one of vigorous deep thought more than mere eyes."

From L. A. Doust, A Manual on Caricature and Cartoon Drawing, 1936.